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It's all the Right can think of to attack her. But it is Abedin that many are fixated on — in part because she is always with Clinton and in part because she is Muslim. Milf granny photos. Is huma abedin a lesbian. And as every pundit has said, Hillary Clinton needs to do better among the white male demographic men of color have her back.

Take a look at pre-wedding Judy Guiliani, for example, and place her next to Huma Abedin, and reflect on what that means. Clinton just happens to be the most convenient someone. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And Clinton and Abedin have navigated these tumultuous years despite their respective marriages to Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner, two male politicians who repeatedly cheated on their wives.

There have been rumors about Hillary's orientation for years, including chatter about a "tape" which was mentioned at a Democratic Fundraiser in Hawaii. Last summer an ad surfaced for a lesbian magazine where one member of the lesbian couple looked surprisingly like Merkel — clearly a purposeful action on the part of the magazine that created quite the Internet buzz.

Clinton because they had inside information about the existence of the tape, and they expect an inevitable "October Surprise" and making Hillary a doomed investment Even though progress on this front is not easy, we cannot delay acting. Posted by Lloyd Clydesdale November 8, 4: S arah was four years old when her spirit guide first appeared.

So, I've been away for a few days as I had an important question to ask. Posted by Dykebiyatch November 16, 8: Right Wing Watch, a project of the left-wing group People For the American Way, is dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement.

Ted Cruz R-TX for president, is now supporting Donald Trump, who she applauds for "coming out against same-sex marriage" which is, she asserted, "gutsy" for a New Yorker, the gay capital of the U. Sexy toung girls. Geller offers no evidence that this is true besides a bunch of whispers from right-wing and unnamed sources. Posted by V November 8, 3: November 8, 2: On second thought, let's just take another long, reflective look at Abedin.

These days, you checked the sky for mortar rounds like you checked for rain, but she still had little desire to move to the United States. T he family was informed they would be moving to a place called Montana. German butch lesbians have been critical, many of them have denied they still play that game. This page requires javascript. Lamb to the Slaughter: She gets that endorsement for a reason, you know, she gets it for a reason.

Most Popular on Advocate. Neither its Facebook or Twitter pages have recently promoted them. So it can be done — a woman can be the leader of a political party and a lesbian.

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Anthony Weiner is gross. This is just smear.

Brownworth is an award-winning journalist, editor and writer and the author and editor of nearly 30 books. Hot indian girl fucked. The Army, he told me, was in the process of court-martialing a GI at Fort Benning, in Georgia, for the killing of seventy-five civilians in South Vietnam. Great Drudge headline pic. November 8, 2: T he family was informed they would be moving to a place called Montana. Even a conservative and a lesbian.

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So, I've been away for a few days as I had an important question to ask. Based on the way he linked to Mail article, however, Drudge apparently detected notes of sexual desire, or maybe jealousy, between Abedin and Clinton:. The former Congressman who resigned in disgrace after he was caught sharing photos of his crotch on social media is at it again, and this time one of the crotch shots includes his sleeping four-year-old son in the bed next to him.

I hate to nitpick, but wasn't it the Foley scandal? Posted by WenG November 8, 7: Mr Conservative, a conservative website, asserted in and that Hillary Clinton would face lesbian rumors if she ran for president. Weiner is Abedin's husband. Dallas milf escorts. Posted by Tlazolteotl November 8, 3: Posted by Catman November 8, 2: As you can see from the photo, if Hillary is having an affair with Abedin it would not be evidence of her lesbianism as much as of her common sense and sound judgment.

Because of how Ayn Rand is the lady version of Jesusshe has been posting about the Abedin-Clinton coupling since at least as far back as Posted by gnossos November 8, 2: She would say things that upset her parents.

Posted by Fnarf November 8, 2: It came from the halls of Congress. Is huma abedin a lesbian. Posted by Dan Savage November 8, 2: While this is also an open secret their political-beard husbands, Bill and. Then again, if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination I'll likely end up voting for her anyway.

If Shrillary is teh gay with her, does that mean she's gay too???

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Clinton, ALL else comes heh second to doing and saying whatever it takes to get elected. Big black naked penis. November 8, 3: The campaign is not talking, despite repeated requests for interviews. It's an open-secret in the political world that Hillary wanted a private server so that she could conduct Clinton-Foundation politics-for-pay without being subjected to nagging transparency rules--but there's another reason she wanted her personal email out of the prying eyes of FOIA requests or Congress: You can find new stories here.

Several very moneyed donors said they put their money on Obama and not on Mrs. He was short, with longish curly hair, like a cherub made of light. Bush departed the White House more than five years later, there were nearlyUS soldiers stationed in the country. Da nude girls Is huma abedin a lesbian. There is some truth to the suggestion that Clinton and Abedin are remarkably close for women of their age and prominence.

I dont get it. Granted, the right has been pushing the idea that Clinton is a lesbian ever since she dared to wear a headband in public.

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Self made nude video Or that lesbians hate men? Lamb to the Slaughter: This Forum is based on that panel, which was held before an audience of cadets and officers, and on a private discussion that followed.
LESBIAN TANTRA PORN T he family was informed they would be moving to a place called Montana. I'd put a poster of her on the wall of my dorm room, if I had one. Several very moneyed donors said they put their money on Obama and not on Mrs.
Super skinny with big tits Clinton is perhaps the most famous woman in the world and currently the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and Abedin is one of her closest aides, so there is going to be a certain amount of built-in attention toward them as a pair. Some sort of eating disorder. On second thought, let's just take another long, reflective look at Abedin.
Dianna agron hot nude Anthony Weiner have had their own trysts--and you'll have to wait for our expose of the Clinton Foundation Donation that led to Hillary being 'forced' to spend what our sources tell us was a "steamy" night in Dubai with a "Persian Prince" who wanted the American Secretary of State--until now a lot of this was carefully kept out of the public eye by a compliant press, threats from the White House, and a general fear in the political world of incurring Hillary's boundless wrath she sends Christmas presents of editions of King Lear to her political peers. The characterization of Weiner's place in American news as "stupid" is mine, not the spokesperson's.

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